Register Now for 2017- Spaces Still Open

Sebastopol Summer Camp still has space open for both camps in July!  

Earth Girls:   July 17-21  Spaces available.


Registration is easy.   Complete these forms and send to:

1020 Spenlow Rd. Santa Rosa, CA 95472

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Earth Girl Forms:

Earth Girls Pre-Reg Cover Form

Earth Girls Registration and Release of Liability

Earth Warriors:  None this year. Sorry!


IMG_20160511_1654507_rewind_kindlephoto-271795293Join Celosia Arcadia, also known as Miss Moon. Celosia has worked with children ages 3-18 for about 15 years (if you exclude the fact that she grew up eldest of ten children) and taught adults too.  She is a former camp director of the Sebastopol Community Center’s Sun Camp, and recently worked as a school garden teacher where for two years she led 300 children a week in the Cherry Valley School Garden.  Celosia is a fun-loving garden, health, and yoga & chi gung teacher.  She is passionate about caring for Mother Earth and inspiring youth to engage in caring for the world and taking care of one’s self and body. During the school year she teaches Stress Reduction and Yoga to young adults at SSU.

Celosia has a degree from Sonoma State’s Hutchins School of Liberal Arts and has studied at the California School of Herbal Studies, IET (now known as Bauman College), and she did a four year professional course at the Feldenkrais Resources Training Institute in Berkeley.  At the heart of her work, she inspires learning and a value of life through health and joy.Earth Girls explore the magic of love, friendship and dirt.  The rhythm of the day includes walks around the laguna, yoga and stretching, short meditations, reading and stories, and arts and crafts.  The conversation of “What’s important to girls?” becomes a vehicle for cultural change which begins at home, within our hearts and through our art.

Earth Warriors:  Join this nature-based day camp in Sebastopol, located behind the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center. Each day starts with movement and games and from there we adventure into the natural world to look for wildlife.  Afternoons include Live Action Role Play, larping- in the context of “Zombie Survival”giving us reason to play with our Nerf guns.

Through imaginative play, we’ll unlock real life skills and activate learning through hands-on activities.  Afternoons include an hour to cool down indoors, time for yoga or music or story telling.




Slowing Down to Gather from Within

IMG_20160511_1652393_rewindHave you ever found yourself wandering outdoors when you’re feeling a little down? There’s magic in nature.  It is subtle, like water.  You start out knowing it’s something you need but not sure how much it will help. But surely, your senses begin to awaken- the air against your skin, the smell of dirt, the quiet… and if you slow down and focus on a small patch of space, you might notice a ladybug larve, a caterpillar or maybe a fairy standing in a ring of flowers.

Outside, away from the stimulus and demands of the world, mother nature can be an anchor whereby the nervous system can become quiet.  This quiet and the embodiment of this quiet has everything to do with mental health, peace of mind, the ability to connect to that constant and natural hum of creation, where we know deep inside who we are and that we’re connected to life. This feeling of wholeness, of connection, of being still, is a remedy.  We can call it “medicine” if it nourishes us.  We can call it peaceful or joyous if it takes us from feeling down to lifting us up.  We can call nature “magic” and we can relish the natural world offers us a reflection of our own magical nature.

Remember, there’s so much beauty to see!  Find a spot to just relax.  If the idea of doing nothing seems a hard choice to make, grab a special blanket, maybe some colored pencils and a journal, then go outside.  Close your eyes, listen to the birds and see what inner wisdom you can gather from within.

Love, Miss Moon

A New Year and New Inspiration

To my dear friends and community, I’m happy to announce plans are shaping up for two camp programs- Earth Girls and Earth Warriors.  I’m excited to offer a second year of a program exclusive to girls so that I can help nurture that feminine space where girls can celebrate their special place in the world.

I am also excited to present Earth Warriors for girls and boys. Here, we prepare ourselves for survival!  In particular, we play with the idea of Zombie Survival.  Imaginative play sparks the conversation of strategy, values, concerns, safety, and teamwork.  Suddenly, we’ll be engaged in personal development, examining what skills we bring to our team, how we lead and take personal or group responsibility, how we help each other and in what ways can we grow?


Young Grasshoppers, Come play!

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