Earth Girls

One Week only:  July 17-21, ages 9-12; $220.

Earth Girls Empowerment Camp is a nature-based day camp in Sebastopol just for our daughters, ages 9-12. Girls come together in a fun loving, outdoor environment. Each day begins with a Morning Movement Ritual like walking or stretching, serving to empower girls in their bodies towards confidence and inner awareness.
The themes of LOVE~FRIENDSHIP~DIRT are explored through creative expression, arts and crafts, like water coloring, journaling, and herbalism.  Activities and Sacred Circles explore the question, “What’s important to girls?”   and help us to celebrate our basic rights to love, friendship, and dirt.

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Each day, the Magical Mystical Girls Hut will be set up to provide a sacred space for girls to reflect in quiet.  
Here is a sample schedule of Earth Girls Sebastopol Summer Camp:
9:00 am  Welcome! Parents Check in their child.  Good morning to the Girls Hut!
9:15 Unity Circle- Morning Movement Ritual & Check in; may include stretching, yoga, meditation through movement, walking, running, or games.
10:15 Snack & Free Play
10:45 Art Project or Small Group Activities- may include herbalism, art, skills building.
12:00 Lunch and free play
12:45 Know Thyself Creation Circle- Art/Maker Time.
2:00 Afternoon Circle- Story Time, Reflections and Sharing.
3:00 Closing Circle & Free Play
3:30 Pick up, Thank yous! and Goodbyes!
We honor and celebrate Girl Power. Girls Create Strength!  
IMPORTANT:  Our exploration during the week will culminate in a creative presentation or performance on the last day of camp, featured from 3:15-3:45 on Friday.
Parents- please reserve this time and plan to attend a special presentation co-created by Earth Girls.

Inspiration and Backstory:  I love being a girl and I love having a daughter who prides herself on having awareness about what gender equality could and should or doesn’t look like.  With 6 little sisters, it’s been easy to see and understand firsthand that sometimes girls just need time to be with other girls.  Earth Girls makes girl time both special and sacred and also normal.  Our society needs more actions and demonstrations that send the message that our girl time is important and we claim it as a normal and regular part of our lives.  In this way, girls can live with firsthand experience that we can find our personal power within a retreat from the demands of the world.  We also gain tools and language for loving ourselves and what we’re capable of bringing out to the world.  We cultivate personal power that is integrated and embodied so when we face real world situations we have the skills and courage to speaks out from our hearts and know the power of our minds and bodies to help form a world we feel proud to co-create.