Earth Warriors


Earth Warriors Zombie Survival is Sebastopol Summer Camp is designed specifically for co-ed groups. Located at the Sebastopol Community Cultural Center, 390 Morris St.  Outdoor imaginative play is set around the theme of surviving in a world of zombies.  In the context of imaginative play, campers will choose characters for a week of live action role playing.

Children will have the opportunity to consider their skills, both the ones that are more or less developed.  We explore expressions of personal power, the importance, function and responsibility of leadership, as well as the many aspects of teamwork and how these qualities translate into real life experience.  We also explore our relationship to the natural world, being out on the land, observing the signs of nature and engaging in looking and listening to better understand our local habitat.

Becoming aware of our values and how we show up in the world is a big part of this nature-based day camp.  Play launches the imagination and circle time grounds learning born from play.  Together, we grow.  Summer Camp provides new opportunities for children to learn through organic inquiry.

*All sessions are open to children 7-12 with possible exceptions for 6 year olds who know how to follow instructions.

Here is a Sample Schedule of our Sebastopol Day Camp:
9:00  Welcome!  Parents check in their child, (along with their Nerf guns).  Free play and warm up’s.
9:15  Team Power Circle- Check In; Strength building; Team Skills; Morning Movement
10:00  Snack, bathroom break and Backpack Prep and Checks
10:30  Nature Hike into the Laguna, plant ID, tracking, games
12:00  Lunch and free play
12:45  Strategy Team Meeting- Choose Characters- Personal Development & Skill Building, Live Action Role Play including response to situations and “zombies”
2:00  R& R- Rest and Relaxation- Reflection is set in the context of Guided Meditation or Qi Gong Meditation through Movement or Yoga exercises for inner discipline or Story telling
3:00  Closing Circle, Pack up and Free Play
3:30  Pick up, “Thank you!” and Good Byes!
                   Here’s the Healthy Warrior Energy!  Warriors Defend Life!  



Back Story & Inspiration:  While I have no interest in anything zombie and would prefer to avoid it completely, I am often inspired by my son who has a passion for learning how to be prepared for survival.  And since the modern day does pose problems analogous to fighting that which can consume our brains, this concept can be explored through creative problem-solving and team building.  My children and I have created a game that includes choosing characters, relating to others in ways that require loyalty and responsibilities. The role playing game gives us the chance to explore scenarios and our ability to respond to a situation.  There’s a lot of “what if…” in this game and it has a strong element of cooperation, collaboration and team building that fosters personal reflection.  Through play, children can develop self-knowledge, personal strength and awareness while gaining practical, real life skills.