Dear Miss Moon, Thank you for helping me in the garden.  I really appreciate your patience and love of nature.  Sincerely, Michael

Dear Miss Moon, I will always remember you.  I loved the lessons that you taught us.  I love planting.  Love, Renee

Dear Miss Moon, Happy Summer!  You are the best garden teacher.  You are playful and a great inspiration.  Love, Lucia

Dear Miss Moon,  Thank you for being the best and happiest and funniest garden teacher ever.  From: Matt

Dear Miss Moon, I appreciate all of the things you taught us and I loved helping you out. Sincerely, Payton

Dear Miss Moon, Thank you for letting me dig holes and letting us weed.  From Parker

Dear Miss Moon, Thank you for always giving me more memories.  You will always be part of our friendship holes!  Love, Peter

Dear Miss Moon, Thank you for inspiring me to make a difference in the world!  Once I learn how, I’m definitely going to plant the milkweed seeds!  I’ll miss you.  From, Santiago

Dear Miss Moon,  Thank you for helping us learn about the garden and letting us dig.  I have so many fun memories.  You’re the very best.  Love, Avery

Dear Miss Moon, Thank you for helping me identify flowers that I never knew about and for teaching me about healthy eating.  You have been a wonderful garden teacher.  I will miss you.  From, Violet

Dear Miss Moon,  Thank you for giving so many hugs!!  You’re always smiling and it makes me so happy!  You have so much patience with us!  Love, Madeline

Dear Miss Moon, I remember the time you introduced me and my friends to Arugula.  I’m sad you’re going away and I will miss you.  From Parker

You have been the Best Garden Teacher and I have learned so much from you. and I love you so much.  From C.

Dear Miss Moon, You have been a wonderful garden teacher.  One of my favorite things in the garden this year was when you taught us about how much sugar is in what we are eating.  I feel like I have been paying more attention to how much sugar I am eating.  I also thought it was interesting to learn about simple, complex and technological food systems. Hope you have a wonderful summer!  I’ll miss you.  -Shae

Dear Miss Moon, I really like working in the garden, it is a lot of fun.  I like the tea that you make.  I really appreciate you telling me what plants are edible.  Love, Mia

Dear Miss Moon, I had a great time working with you!  You helped me discover arugula! From Tommy

Dear Miss Moon,   You are (our) beloved gardener and always will be remembered as that. Everyone will miss you, (especially me) and will keep up the garden for you when you leave.    

Your student, D.

Dear Miss Moon, I really appreciate how you always were patient with us and showed us why healthy eating is important!  Thank you.  Love, Risa

Dear Miss Moon,  I’m so sad that you’re leaving and I’m going to miss you very much.  I’ve always loved how much you care about the environment so much and how you use as much effort as you can to help it.  It has been such a great experience this year working with you and all the plants and insects.  You’ve taught me so much this year and I can’t wait to use them later.  Sincerely, Abby

Dear Miss Moon,  I will miss you so much because you are the best garden teacher we’ve ever had because you weren’t just our teacher, you were all of our friends.  You also taught us everything you knew about the garden.  I’ll miss you.  Love Z.